Meet Our Atlanta, GA Team


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Meet Derek Bailey

The passion I have for serving others has been developing over my lifetime.  Growing up the son of a pastor, we were always participating in outreach services centered around helping others.  Countless mission trips, weekly volunteer hours at shelters serving free food and clothing, along with many other events helped shape who I am today. 

My passion for serving seniors specifically came later in life……through years of working in various healthcare settings.  I have spent time working in the outpatient physical therapy setting, four years working in the hospital setting, and five years working in hospice care.  Having a well-rounded background of various aspects of care for seniors opened my eyes to a glaring need: the need for a full-service resource to help families navigate the ever-changing world of the senior care industry.

One of the most common questions that I have found to be prevalent: who will provide the necessary care that an individual may need as they progress through life?  Is family capable of giving their time to assist? Is it safe for them to remain in their home or do they need to look at senior living options?  Can they afford paying privately for caregiver services to come in to their home?

These questions, along with many others, led to the mission of The Right Move Senior Resource.  We are here to help families in need reduce the amount of stress, help them simplify the decision process, and reduce the risk of making a costly mistake.  In short, The Right Move Senior Resource is here to serve.

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meet Kristen Thaxton

Growing up I had a very special relationship with my grandparents and many of their friends.  From golf outings, to dinner shows and endless card games I believe these relationships helped me to become the person I am today.  I realized just how special seniors are and it led me on a journey to working in healthcare helping seniors.

During the past 4 years working in hospice I began to see the overwhelming struggle families faced when deciding on appropriate assisted living and care solutions for their loved ones.  I found I had a true passion for serving others and making a difference in their life.  I wanted to help navigate families through this sometimes stressful process, give them resources and assist with a smooth transition not only for their loved one but the entire family.  

We are committed to walking alongside a family on this journey and it is ingrained in everything we do.  Our families can always count on us where they need us and when they need us to provide them with this much needed support and assistance.  My grandparents lived a full, happy life and my hope is to help the senior community live their Best day. Every day.

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meet Shane johnston

My first experience in the senior industry was helping families understand hospice and the support and comfort that can be available to them during this emotional time in their lives. While serving in this field I was always asked one question. How did you end up doing this type of work? Well, I owe credit to my beautiful wife (Megan) who is a registered nurse. She started doing hospice care during the beginning of our marriage. She would always tell me the greatest stories about individuals and families she had an opportunity to help and I wanted that in my life. With now almost a decade in the industry I feel this is where I’m meant to be, helping families and providing resources that will help them during the aging process. My wife and I have learned what’s truly important over the years: “FAMILY”.  That is why we want to help other families make “The Right Move” when it comes to deciding senior care options for their loved ones. 

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meet Kelly walker

My love for helping seniors started at an early age. When I was younger, my mom was the Director of a retirement community. Visiting the residents was one of my favorite activities. I loved helping, listening to their amazing stories, and was even jealous of all the fun they had every day!

As I got older, I realized that I wanted to make helping seniors and their families a career.  Fifteen years later, I cannot imagine doing anything else and truly believe that I have found my calling!  It is an honor to assist families as they navigate the waters of senior living and help find the perfect community.  When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my husband and daughter, Ben and Gracie, and our dogs, Boe and Daisy.

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meet lindsey Pettee

My appreciation for the seniors in our community began when I was a young girl. From gleaning grace and wisdom among sweet church members to learning subjects at school from experienced educators, I recognize their value. On a personal level, my own grandparents have taught me major life lessons and have shown me what devoted love looks like. 

The insight that these community members offer cannot be replicated. I am a firm believer that we do not extract the best from a generation while ignoring the struggles that accompany their current phase of life. 

My education in Sociology and Psychology, as well as working in Hospice Admissions, has given me a different perspective for the aging community and society. Because of that, I am grateful that companies like "The Right Move" exist. Our goal is to provide advocacy for seniors while bridging the gap for caring family members. Supporting families is, and will always be, our number one priority.

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meet michelle withrow

Although I have worked many years as a social worker, it wasn’t until I joined The Right Move Senior Resource that I recognized my dream to serve seniors was finally coming to fruition. 

I have had numerous opportunities to serve others throughout my adult life.  Through our church, we were given the opportunity to serve as a missionary family at an orphanage in northeast Brazil for a period of two years.  My husband built a second orphanage, my twin daughters had the opportunity to serve children with unconditional love, and I worked with the staff to improve systems and conditions.

After returning stateside, I was fortunate enough to serve fellow social workers by creating Social Work meetings with great speakers and resources in several Atlanta hospitals to increase the knowledge of community resources.

 Nowadays, my efforts have turned to serving my local church and community.

For many years, it has been my dream to serve others by offering no cost social work to seniors and their families.  My past experiences have given me the opportunity to learn about useful, necessary resources to help aid the aging community and now I have daily opportunities to share my knowledge and my heart with families. 

My position has given me the ability to pray for (or with, if desired) families while supporting them through challenging decisions.  I’m honored to walk alongside families during the trying times of finding a senior living community or in finding services to support them in the aging process.