How are the facilities you recommend licensed and monitored?

The facilities we work with are licensed under the State of Georgia.  They are regulated very closely depending on which type of facility they are licensed.  All assisted living and personal care homes are subject to routine visits from state surveyors to ensure each facility is following state safety regulations.

Does Medicare or Medicaid help pay for the facilities?

In most cases, the cost for personal care at an assisted living facility, personal care home, or independent living community is covered by the family.  In some cases, Medicaid can pay for a long-term care facility if the individual meets financial need requirements and health care needs assessment.  

There may be available help from the VA if the individual was a war-time veteran or the spouse of a veteran.  Long-term care insurance plans will also pay towards assisted living facilities and personal care homes.

How much do facilities cost on a monthly basis?

The range of costs is broad and determined by several factors including:

-licensure of the facility

-location of the facility

-size of the rented apartment

-level of care needed by the individual

Do you provide referrals for senior citizens in all income groups?

At The Right Move Senior Resource, we are committed to helping seniors and their families find the help and resources they need.

If the person in need has a very low income, there are appropriate senior housing options available.  We provide information and referrals to community-based organizations serving seniors and disabled adults. If the person(s) in need is a veteran, or non-divorced widow of a veteran, there may be funds available to offset costs.  Please reach out to us for any need or question.

Do you accompany clients on tours of communities?

The Right Move Senior Resource offers to assist with scheduling and accompanying each client on tours of prospective living options. Some families choose to tour on their own…..The Right Move would then assist in scheduling of tours and provide feedback to help the family make an informed decision.  We strive to be very personal with our clients and hold their hand through each process they are going through....adjusting our level of involvement to what makes each family feel comfortable with the decision they make.

Who is best suited for an assisted living community?

Assisted living is recommended for people who require long-term care with needs that do not require 24 hour nursing services provided in a nursing home or hospital.  Assisted living appropriate individuals typically require regular assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs).  For residents of these facilities, tasks such as meal preparation, observation of basic hygiene, dressing, and medication management are either difficult or impossible to do independently.  These can include people with mobility limitations, memory problems, and other limiting conditions associated with aging.

What amenities are provided in an assisted living community?

Personal care assistance – this includes help with bathing, dressing, eating, and related activities and is standard in all assisted living facilities.  Other amenities provided in an assisted living community include laundry and housekeeping, non-intensive medical care, transportation, 24/7 security, social and recreational activities, and staff- or resident-organized wellness programs.

What supplemental services can I expect in an assisted living community?

Because care requirements vary for each resident, most assisted living facilities create an individualized care plan for every senior they consider for admission.  These plans are subject to modification as residents’ needs change over time.  Examples of supplemental services include special supervision for residents with Alzheimer’s, medication management, and a range of quality-of-life services.

What options for living accommodations are available in a typical assisted living community?

Assisted living communities provide different types of living accommodations, with most having multiple options to suit individual preferences.  Many offer private or semi-private units in the form of single-room studios or full apartments.  Some facilities provide converted homes for residents; others offer accommodations in multiple floor apartment complexes.

How do I know which senior living arrangement is right for me?

The decision of moving into a senior living community is life-changing for the individual as well as the family.  It requires an investment of time, research, and legwork.  Several factors will come into play in making a decision – the senior’s abilities and needs, location, cost, services offered, living conditions, and more. Understanding a facility’s philosophy of care and internal regulations is also important. Some tasks vital to the decision-making process include comprehensive interviews with facility representatives, personal tours of the residences, gathering of feedback from residents and/or their family members, and more.  The Right Move Senior Resource is here to help guide, inform, and make sense of all of the options with a goal of making sure everyone involved is comfortable with the decision made.

How can The Right Move Senior Resource help?

The Right Move Senior Resource helps families and seniors understand their senior living options and find high-quality, affordable long-term care. We start with an assessment of each client’s needs, determine what senior resources may be required, then find the best pre-screened senior care options that match their requirements, schedule tours of the shortlisted facilities, and do follow-ups to ensure that all needs and expectations are met after the transition.  We offer a full complimentary referral service to families and seniors.

How does an assisted living facility differ from a senior housing community?

While both are often age-restricted, assisted living facilities are more appropriate for individuals who need help with some or all activities of daily living.  Senior housing communities are designed around the needs of active seniors who need minimal or no help with daily tasks.  Senior housing communities, also known as retirement or independent living communities, allow residents a greater degree of independence as well as easy access to social activities in the company of their peers.

How does an assisted living facility differ from a nursing home?

A nursing home provides a level of medical care beyond that offered in an assisted living facility.  It offers complex medical services and employs a full-time nursing staff.  It is important to note that assisted living is not an alternative to a nursing home where the individual requires total help for care and cannot do anything for themselves.

What is all-inclusive assisted living pricing?

All-inclusive pricing is monthly rent that includes all the care needed to take care of your loved one. Individuals are not charged extra for care services i.e. medication administration, dressing, reminding, etc.  In the decision making process it is important to know how each prospective living community structures their apartment rates and cost for care.

What are activities of daily living?

Bathing, dressing, toileting, eating, mobility, and cognition. These are the non-medical areas that assisted living staff can help an older adult with each day.  It’s important that the staff let their resident do as much as they can and want to do in order to remain as independent as possible.

Our family disagrees on the best care for Dad and Mom? What do we do?

The most important thing to convey is the need to do what’s best for the safety and well-being of mom or dad. Every family dynamic is different but it is important to stick to the needs of the individual and foster good communication to ensure everyone is on the same page.  Family members who aren’t directly involved frequently may not understand the true condition of mom or dad until they witness it for themselves.  Sometimes bringing in a third-party individual can help get everyone on the same page; The Right Move Senior Resource is here to help in these types of situations.

Who receives my information after I submit it on your website?

The Right Move Senior Resource is committed to keeping your information private and it will only be accessible to one of our local senior care advisors.  Once you have submitted your information a local care advisor will contact you to set up a time to meet with you and your family in person or we can discuss options with you over the phone.  We strive to be very personal with our families and hold their hand through this journey, however we know due to different circumstances families may not be able to meet in person.   We will adjust to every family’s needs to make this journey and the decision they make as comfortable as possible.

When should we start thinking about moving our loved ones into an assisted living community?

If you are reading this it is most likely a good time to discuss your loved ones options so you can have a plan in place.  If your loved one is experiencing difficulties with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, eating, grooming, walking(transferring) and continence an assisted living community would be able to provide assistance with all of these.