Studies show that over 50% of people over the age of 65 experience some form of incontinence, whether bowel or bladder. Discussing treatment options with your family physician as well as maintaining proper hygiene can help alleviate the symptoms and problems that can arise from incontinence. While being embarrassing and an inconvenience, incontinence can also affect quality of life as well as normal day to day activities. Incontinence supplies and products can help someone manage their incontinence and hygiene and can become a huge part of caring for an aging loved one.

In our efforts to provide a comprehensive resource for seniors and their families as they face challenges that coincide with aging, we have created a partnership with At Home Medical: a local, high quality supplier of incontinence products. At Home Medical carries dependable incontinence supplies from brands such as Covidien, First Quality, Salk, Tranquility, and more. Ensuring the proper fit of incontinence products such as protective underwear is crucial to provide protection, while products such as adult incontinence wipes help to preserve dignity and comfort.

We at The Right Move Senior Resource have taken the time to compare prices, quality of products, customer service, and found At Home Medical to stand above the rest. Not having to worry about finding the best prices, having to take the time to go purchase and deliver products, and remember to order supplies as needed can be a huge stress saver for a primary caregiver or family member.

why choose At home Medical?

  • High quality products

  • Easy ordering process by phone or online

  • local company who values their customers

  • prices are very competitive with all of the Big Box stores and online retailers

  • You can set up scheduled deliveries for worry-free convenience

  • Fast, 2-day delivery in most cases

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